B1A4 Discography/Lyrics


Lets Fly
1. OK
2. Remember
3. Only Learned The Bad Things
4. Bling Girl
5. Only One
6. OK (Instrumental)

it B1A4
1. Beautiful Target
2. Fooool
3. My Love
4. Wonderful Tonight
5. Chu Chu Chu


Baby I’m Sorry
2This Time Is Over
3. So Fine
4. Super Sonic
5. We’re Alone (Baro ft. Min of miss A)
6. Smile
7. Feeling
8. One Sided Love (Sandeul solo)
9. You Are My Girl
10. Wonderful Tonight (Unplugged Remix)
11. Baby I’m Sorry (Instrumental)

IGNITION (Repackaged)        NOTE: New Tracks Only!!
1. Sleep Well, Goodnight
2. Because of You
. Sleep Well, Goodnight (Instrumental)
. Because of You (Instrumental)

In The Wind
1. Intro (In The Wind)
2. Tried to Walk
3. If
4. I Wont Do Bad Things (Narration by Suzy of miss A)
5. What Do You Want to Do
6. Be My Girl (Jinyoung solo ft. Jea of Brown Eyed Girls)
7. In The Air
8. Tried to Walk (Instrumental)


What’s Going On?
1. Starlights Song
2. Whats Going On?
3. Yesterday
4. Good Love
5. How Many Times


Who Am I
1. IntroPrologue
2. Lonely
3. Love Them (ft. Harim)
4. Amazing
5. Baby
6. Oh My God
7. Too Much (Sandeul & Gongchan)
8. Pretty
9. Who Am I
10. Drunk With Music (CNU Solo)
11. Road
12. Seoul

Hey Girl

Japanese Albums


Beautiful Target
1. Beautiful Target {Japanese Version}
2. Chu Chu Chu {Japanese Version}
3. Ready to Go
4. Beautiful Target (Instrumental)
5. Chu Chu Chu (Instrumental)
6. Ready to Go (Instrumental)

Sleep Well, Goodnight
1Sleep Well, Goodnight {Japanese Version}
2. Baby Im Sorry {Japanese Version}
3Sleep Well, Goodnight (Instrumental)
4Baby Im Sorry (Instrumental)

1. Beautiful Lie
2Sleep WellGoodnight {Japanese Version}
3. Empty Mind
4. Only Learned The Bad Things {Japanese Version}
5. Tipping Point
6. Wake Me Up
7. Only One {Japanese Version}
8. Beautiful Target {Japanese Version}
9. One Love
10. OK {Japanese Version}


What’s Going On?
1. Whats Going On? {Japanese Version}
2. In the Air {Japanese Version}
3. Beautiful Target -like it mix-
4. If… {Japanese Version}
5. Whats Going On? (Instrumental)
6. In the Air (Instrumental)
7. Beautiful Target -like it mix- (Instrumental)
8. If… (Instrumental)

5 thoughts on “B1A4 Discography/Lyrics

  1. aiyuni deullie says:

    please This Time Is Over lyrics :)

  2. Thank You! ^_^
    Thank You! ^_^
    Thank You! ^_^

  3. Tay Jing Hui says:

    can you post the lyrics (color coded) for what do you want to do please~? ><

  4. Kiko says:

    can you post Baby Good Night please?

  5. Hye Mi says:

    lyrics Lonely please…

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