2NE1 Discography/Lyrics



1. Fire
2. I Dont Care
3. In the Club
4. Let’s Go Party
5. Pretty Boy
6. Stay Together
7. Lollipop (ft. BIGBANG)


To Anyone
1. Cant Nobody
2. Go Away
3. Clap Your Hands
4Im Busy
5. It Hurts
6. Love is Ouch
7. You and I (Bom solo)
8. Please Dont Go (CL and Minzy)
9. Kiss (Dara ft. CL)
10. Follow Me
11. I Dont Care (Reggae Mix)
12. Cant Nobody (English Version)


2NE1-The 2nd Mini Album
1. I Am The Best
2. Ugly
3. Lonely
4. I Hate You
5. Dont Cry (Bom Park Solo)
6. Dont Stop The Music


I Love You
1. I Love You


Falling In Love
1. Falling In Love

Do You Love Me?
1. Do You Love Me?

Missing You
1. Missing You

Be Mine

Japanese Albums


1. I Am The Best {Japanese Version}
2. Ugly {Japanese Version}
3. Lonely {Japanese Version}
4. I Hate You {Japanese Version}
5. Dont Stop The Music {Japanese Version}


1. Fire {Japanese Version}
2. Scream
3. Go Away {Japanese Version}
4. Follow Me {Japanese Version}
5. I Dont Care {Japanese Version}
6. I Am The Best {Japanese Version}
7It Hurts {Japanese Version}
8. Clap Your Hands {Japanese Version}
9. Love Is Ouch {Japanese Version}
10. Ugly {Japanese Version}
11. Like A Virgin (Cover of Madonna)


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