Put your hands up to the rhythm. Slowly open your heart to the beat. It’s alright, alright, that’s the real you. It’s alright, alright, that’s the real me.You know? (Boys Republic-Party Rock)


I read the title of the song and I was like “It’s gonna be a LMFAO copy blah blah blah” and was immediately turned off.


This is probably one of my favorite tracks of the first half of 2013, and probably my favorite debut of the year thus far.  It’s extremely catchy and I find myself wanting to dance to the entire thing (and I don’t have a rhythmic bone in my body).

The boys of Boys Republic are Universal Music’s (one of the largest music corperations in the world I might add) first KPOP group and it’s future goal for the boys is to become a world group. I’m not going to hold my breath on that last bit, but I’ll definitely look forward to the future releases for these boys.

Color Coded Lyrics for Boys Republic’s Party Rock

Thank you to Hyewon for requesting this and making me watching the MV, for without your comment I wouldn’t have found this beauty of a song


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