Alone, I enter the club. The time is probably 2AM. In the corner of the bar, she sits. In her thin wrist is lemon juice. She was Smoky Girl (MBLAQ-Smoky Girl)

Been awhile since we’ve seen these boys, huh? Well they aren’t going away yet! Rain’s boys are back! This time with their new single “Smoky Girl”.  This, for me personally, is their best single yet.  It’s even won the feat of knocking down my top MBLAQ song: “Y”.

Speaking of which, doesn’t the MV sort of brings you back to the “Y” days (The whole black and white/club scene)? And the lyrics of the song are nothing short of mysterious.  It talks about a distraught girl who is as hard to grasp as “smoke”.  And what’s even more amazing is that the masterminds of the song are three of the biggest names in the Korean music scene: Primary, Zion. T, and Simon D.

Color Coded Lyrics for MBLAQ’s Smoky Girl

Also, the boys recently appeared on SNL Korea. Here is one of the skits with Thunder, which was my personal favorite….(I may or may not have been biased while deciding that.)


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