Even if everything is thrown away, I will go till the end. And I can’t turn back like before. My exhausted soul won’t ever stop trying. I will show you everything in a more unstoppable way ↑Weekly Review #52>>

Sorry for the small amount of lyrics this week. I got really sick and didn’t have the energy to work on the site.

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Last Week’s PollEXO is FINALLY making a comeback this autumn. From their teaser tracks, which song are you hoping will make it on the tracklist?
My Lady – 63Vote(s)
Time Control – 26 Vote(s)
Metal – 5 Vote(s)
Lightsaber – 6Vote(s)
Run & Gun – 10 Vote(s)
Black Pearl –  18Vote(s)
Into Your World – 17 Vote(s)
Phoenix – 14 Vote(s)
Let Out The Beast – 32 Vote(s)
Emergency – 3 Vote(s)
Beautiful – 20 Vote(s)
El Dorado – 18 Vote(s)
Baby Don’t Cry – 145 Vote(s)

This Week’s PollDo you think taking EunJung out of “Five Fingers” was going too far?

Funny of the Week : Found this hilarious conversation between the SHINee members on tumblr. Does anyone know where this is from?

Minho: What would the opposite of: “Children in the dark make mistakes” be? 
Onew: “Mistakes in the dark make children.” 
Minho: Get out.

Listening to : Avril Lavigne-Anything But Ordinary
Mood: Excited! 😀