No matter what, I want to get to know you. I’m like Conan. You probably don’t know how I feel. I keep thinking of you. You even made me forget about my first love. Even if you keep telling me to go away, I will tell you that you’re my everything Cause I Love You Girl (B.A.P-Crash)

These boys just never stop do they? After releasing their 1st mini album, the boys of B.A.P are back yet again with their first repackaged album and are now promoting their new single “Crash”.  Taking a break from their streak of hard core videos, “Crash”‘s MV shows cute and hilarious votage of the boys enjoying their visit to Malaysia. 

This new single is a bit more of a light hearted and poppy track compared to their previous singles that are known for their “warrior” image and strong messages about society.  “Crash” is about the boys feeling’s when they see their crush.

Color Coded Lyrics for B.A.P’sCrash“.


Even if everything is thrown away, I will go till the end. And I can’t turn back like before. My exhausted soul won’t ever stop trying. I will show you everything in a more unstoppable way ↑Weekly Review #52>>

Sorry for the small amount of lyrics this week. I got really sick and didn’t have the energy to work on the site.

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Last Week’s PollEXO is FINALLY making a comeback this autumn. From their teaser tracks, which song are you hoping will make it on the tracklist?
My Lady – 63Vote(s)
Time Control – 26 Vote(s)
Metal – 5 Vote(s)
Lightsaber – 6Vote(s)
Run & Gun – 10 Vote(s)
Black Pearl –  18Vote(s)
Into Your World – 17 Vote(s)
Phoenix – 14 Vote(s)
Let Out The Beast – 32 Vote(s)
Emergency – 3 Vote(s)
Beautiful – 20 Vote(s)
El Dorado – 18 Vote(s)
Baby Don’t Cry – 145 Vote(s)

This Week’s PollDo you think taking EunJung out of “Five Fingers” was going too far?

Funny of the Week : Found this hilarious conversation between the SHINee members on tumblr. Does anyone know where this is from?

Minho: What would the opposite of: “Children in the dark make mistakes” be? 
Onew: “Mistakes in the dark make children.” 
Minho: Get out.

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In my dream, it’s you I learned Korean in order to talk to you. We are meant to be I’ve been infected with you. Just like my left hand claps, you are my only pair I sang, will you believe me? Yes, you can believe me I’m a meat restaurant, when you’re scared, I’ll order some assurance. #Weekly Review #51^

NEW Lyrics
BoA-The Shadow
EvoL-Let Me Explode
Jay Park-Demon
Jay Park-Girlfriend {English Version}
Jay Park-I Love You (ft. Dynamic Duo)
Jay Park-I Love You {English Version}
VIXX-Rock Ur Body

Last Week’s Poll : SOOO many comebacks have been made already! But which artist are you dying for a return from? (NOTE: Only ones that HAVEN’T returned in 2012)
AA – 22 Vote(s)
2PM – 91 Vote(s)
Block B – 104 Vote(s)
Co-Ed – 38 Vote(s)
Epik High – 21 Vote(s)
Girl’s Generation/SNSD – 129 Vote(s)
JYJ – 44 Vote(s)
KARA – 26 Vote(s)
Orange Caramel – 16 Vote(s)
Rainbow – 22 Vote(s)
Rania – 15 Vote(s)
Secret – 45 Vote(s)
TVXQ – 43 Vote(s)

This Week’s Poll : EXO is FINALLY making a comeback this autumn. From their teaser tracks, which song are you hoping will make it on the tracklist?

Funny of the Week : Jay Park posing with his copy of Miryo’s solo album.

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I go head over heels for you. When things get serious, don’t mind them. Reset – life is like breaking down the walls of tetris pieces. In my life, I’m the main character. The last boss is always twice the fun (VIXX-Rock Ur Body)

After soaring into the KPOP scene with their awesome debut withSuper Hero“, VIXX has made their first ever comeback with their 2nd singleRock Ur Body“.  The MV features the boys dancing dancing in an arcade game played by sweetheart Dasom of SISTAR (And apparently one of the signs on the door says “WARNING: Children left unattended will be traded in for donuts.” What an arcade!)

Color Coded Lyrics for VIXXs Rock Ur Body“.

Don’t lie, how are you saying that you’re innovative? Good try but aside from your hair and necklace, I can’t tell you apart – it’s just your packaging that’s different. Where is your conscience, where is your value? You’re a scam. ΔWeekly Review #50!!!

Hellooo everyone! Sorry I didn’t notify you guys the week before but I went on vacation.  Which is why I didn’t do the WR for last week. It was kinda of a spur of the moment decision by my family and we just packed our bags and flew out the door. xD

NEW Lyrics
Block B-Burn Out
D-UNIT-I’m Missin’ You
EvoL-We’re A Bit Different
Super Junior-Spy
Super Junior-Outsider
Tasty (2Wins)-You Know Me
TEEN TOP-Be Ma Girl/Will You Go Out With Me?
TEEN TOP-Party Tonight

Artist Page
Tasty (2Wins)

Last Week’s PollWhat do you think of the T-ARA bulleying controvesy and Hwayoung getting pulled out of the group?
The members would NEVER do that! Fans are just over speculating things. – 124 Vote(s)
Why the #$@! would they kick her out?! So since SHES being bullied, SHES the one that gets the boot? Nice. – 164Vote(s)
Poor Hwayoung T.T…why would they do that to her? I can’t believe she’s leaving… – 255 Vote(s)
I’m not a fan of her so I could care less. – 68 Vote(s)
I can’t believe that the girls are bullies and a member is leaving…I’m no longer a QUEEN. – 112 Vote(s)
Core Contents is a load of Sh** – 279 Vote(s)
Both parts are guilty
The truth is…. we didnt event now what happen.
It was proved that the “bullying” wasn’t real.
None of us will actually ever know what really happened.
I think they’re just making a big thing out of it.
I love T-ara no matter what!
Core Content is a big load of SHIT and i just want to know the TRUTH
don’t understand why such a thing would happen….
not sure what to think
T-ara’s popularity is going down MAJORLY. they brought it upon themselves.
Fans blew things out of proportion/twisted things to make it look worse.
I don’t know what to think…I love both T-ara and Hwayoung
They should just disband if they’re going to keep this up.
Even through,they still ordinary people,act like us.
The CEO sprouting a bunch of lies and not letting the members speak.
I still trust t-ara.. :c
I don’t know T-ARA
It’s not really anyone’s business; most of the news are rumors and gossip online
Nobody knows what REALLY happened, so no comment!
don’t care
Fans are also over reacting a bit.
No one except the T-ARA members know what really went on…
All of the news stated are very confused and contraditory. Not taking sides yet.
they have their own reasons to do that.we as Queen have to believe them
i hate t-ara now
from now i hate t ara
full of drama. huft-_-
Members don’t bully do it out of love and get carried away at times. She stay’s.
I can’t believe it!! They were all so cheerful and nice!! Is everything a fake??
Really can’t say since their company/managment never explained anything.
we don’t know what really happen….how to vote
so. i don,t care about she;s leaving t-ara

Next Week’s PollSOOO many comebacks have been made already! But which artist are you dying for a return from? (NOTE: Only ones that HAVEN’T returned in 2012)

Funny of the Week : JYP himself made this tweet…along with the penut gallery!

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The S.P.Y. that I love, I will chase her day and night. Seems like I will almost catch her but I can’t although I stick to her like a shadow. The S.P.Y. that I love, I will chase her day and night. The moment I set my target on her, my breath has run out (Super Junior-Spy)

Super Junior has returned with their repackaged album of “Sexy, Free & Single” now titled “Spy”!  The track has been receiving a lot of attention for it’s unique change of beat throughout the song.

Though the MV has yet to be released (Thank you SM), the group has already performed the song live for Music Bank. Check it out –>

Color Coded Lyrics for Super Junior’sSpy