It’s a beautiful starry night.Hopefully this night will last forever, hold my hand.It’s beautiful night under this blueish moonlight.Walk the skies with me.(BEAST/B2ST-Beautiful Night)

It seems like yesterday when the first boy group of CUBE Entertainment debuted with “Bad Girl” and slowly won the hearts and ears of B2UTYs all over the world.  Fast forward 3 years later to this boy group becoming one of the biggest names in Asia and one of the top boy groups in Korea. That’s right, I am of course talking about the amazing boys of BEAST/B2ST. And they have finally released a new album titled “Midnight Sun” that is sure to be one of the greatest albums coming out of 2012. This time around the boys are promoting “Beautiful Night”.  The MV for the single was shot in the streets of New York.

Color Coded Lyrics for BEAST/B2ST’sBeautiful Night“.