Dudes, that’s just not it.Is music a joke? It’s not for us.Because you’re like that, I’m like this – if you weren’t like that, would I be like this?Just stop and quit it – just go away over there. (B.A.P-No Mercy)

TS Entertaiment’s WARRIORS are finally back! And this time it’s with their very first mini-album! B.A.P has returned to the KPOP scene to shake things up with their new single “No Mercy”. Unlike their previous warrior concept, this time B.A.P is showing off a ‘pop boy’ image which is someone who takes the lead on style and fashion among his peers (credit: allkpop), all the while giving off that B.A.P feel with the familiar whistles and foot stomping.

Color Coded Lyrics for B.A.P’sNo Mercy“.