This night I can’t fall asleep in, so sad tonight.This night I can’t spend with you.In the Midnight, Midnight.This Midnight I can’t sleep from my thoughts of you (BEAST/B2ST-Midnight)

You B2UTYs ready? Cause after a year and two months the legendary boy group BEAST/B2ST has FINALLY returned! And for a present to their fans, they released their titled track A WEEK before their albums hits stores! Can you say gift of the year? With a song like this, I don’t think it’s anything less.

Though the MV hasn’t been released yet, CUBE has released a teaser clip that shows off their ENORMOUS transformation from their “Fiction” promotions. 

Be sure to check out BEAST/B2ST’s “Midnight Sun” album on the July 22 KST!

Color Coded Lyrics for BEAST/B2ST’sMidnight