Attracted all of my energy, that intense laser laser in my eyes.The synergy that is expanding the deepest parts of my heart, your gage gage probably doesn’t have a point.A gradually accelerating beat, beating with more and more power.Already past the limit, I’m in Shock E-Electric Shock [f(x)-Electric Shock])

It was only a few weeks ago that people were asking each other where the heck f(x) had gone to.  For almost a year SM didn’t really say much for future promotions other than that they were expected to be making their Japanese debut.  “Where are they doing?”, “When are they making their Japanese debut?”, and “SM doesn’t treat f(x) as good as their other groups”…

….Then all of a sudden BAM! In the begining of June SM Entertainment announced that in less than a week f(x) would be making a comeback with a mini album titled “Electric Shock”. Oh, SM you troll you!

“Electric Shock” is defienetly one hell of a comeback single.  The choreography is nothing short than amazing and creative (What else would you expect from the female SHINee?) and the track is fresh and amazingly catchy. This time around the girls are singing about the crazy symptoms they are feeling because of a crush.

The “Electric Shock” album itself has received an explosive response.  Not only did it achieve an all-kill after it was release, but the response from fans has been very positive stating that this is one of the best album f(x) has released.  Not only have people already fallen in love with the title track, “Electric Shock”, but the track “Beautiful Stranger” has been receiving much attention as well.  The track only features Krystal, Luna, and Amber and was even trending world wide on Twitter! I think I speak for everyone when I say: I PRAY that they perform this live during their “Electric Shock” promotions!

Color Coded Lyrics forElectric Shock
Color Coded Lyrics forBeautiful Stranger


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