Oh Mr. BANG BANG, stop right there Babe.Even if you speed off, I got you.I’ve got you perfectly cornered, don’t move a muscle.Don’t be scared, show me your heart (Dal★Shabet-Mr. BANG BANG)

The loss of their leader isn’t going to slow these girls down! Dal★Shabet is back with their first full length album “BANG BANG” and with new member WooHee (Who, personally, I am VERY impressed with).  Previously, the girls have shown that they can pull off a cutesy image with “Supa Dupa Diva” and tough girl image with “Hit U”. But this time it’s a mix of the two as the girls sing about wanting a boy to confess their obvious love for her as they rob a bank…cutely. Not the best criminals I’ve ever seen. Don’t quit your day job Dal★Shabet!

New member WooHee starts to sing at 0:32.

And BEFORE you go to the lyrics, I can already tell some of you will question the chorus since the MV shows at least four of them singing.  BUT I found a fan cam of them singing the song at their showcase and THIS is how they sang it. Here’s the vid—>


Color Coded Lyrics for DalShabet’s Mr. BANG BANG“.

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