Loving U.What should I do?I can’t control my heart, my heart is not working.It’s to the point where I can’t focus.Boy I’m falling in love with U.(SISTAR-Loving U)

The girls of SISTAR are back! This time the girls took a trip to Hawaii to film for their new single “Loving U”.  It’s a fun and laid back MV of the girls taking it easy and goofing off, as well as singing about how their losing their minds over falling in love with a guy.

Color Coded Lyrics for SISTAR’sLoving U


My friends tell me that there are probably tons of guys chasing after her.But again, I just laugh, for real.So what? I don’t care, I tell my friends.She is secretly staring at me and that’s all I need (Mir & G.O-Wild)

The long awaited sub-group has finally released their first single! Powerful vocalist G.O and snappy rapper Mir of MBLAQ have joined forces and have made a sub-group, and have finally released their long awaited single “Wild”.  The two will be performing this live for their BLAQ% Tour.

Also in comeoration of the release, fans around the world have tweeted #MIRGOWILD on Twitter and have made it #1. So be sure to join in and tweet #MIRGOWILD!

Color Coded Lyrics for Mir & G.O’sWild

Have you ever been in love?Have you ever really loved?Love for others it’s so easy.But for me, it’s like an unerasable tattoo ♥Weekly Review #44</3

NEW Lyrics
After School – Flashback
Girls’ Generation/SNSD – Time Machine

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Girl’s Generation/SNSD

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Yuri – 53 Vote(s)
Sooyoung – 84 Vote(s)
Hyoyeon – 75 Vote(s)
Seohyun – 82 Vote(s)

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Funny of the Week : Wanna see Shinhwa dance to SHINee’s “Sherlock”? It’s a chaotic mess!

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I can’t wait, my heart is already in danger.The moment I saw you again, I’m automatic.This kind of feeling is still on and on and on again.In just one moment, I get a Flashback to that time again. (After School-Flashback)

After promoting in overseas and making their mark on JPOP, the girls are finally making their long awaited Korean comeback with their new single “Flashback”. Though Kahi is not with them anymore, the loss of their leader isn’t slowing these girls down as “Flashback” is probably one of the most impressive AS singles to date.

Color Coded Lyrics for After School’sFlashback“.

I go on top of the clock hand,I pierce my heart with the second hand.I go inside the gears of the clock.With the springs, I turn back the time <

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve done this. But I’d figured it’s time to start doing this again since schools out and I have quite a bit of time on my hands!

Since the amount of lyrics I’ve done since the last WR would take two pages, I just put down a few high light songs.

NEW Lyrics
2NE1 – Be Mine
A-JAX – One 4 U
B1A4 – Sleep Well, Goodnight
B1A4 – Smile
B1A4 – So Fine
BIGBANG – Monster
Boyfriend – Love Style
Busker Busker – Cherry Blossom Ending
Busker Busker – Ideal Type
Busker Busker – Loneliness Amplifier
Cross Gene – La-Di Da-Di
Dalmatian – E.R
Dal★Shabet – Mr. BANG BANG
F.Cuz – No.1
f(x) – Beautiful Stranger
f(x) – Electric Shock
Girls’ Generation/SNSD – Paparazzi
INFINITE – The Chaser
JJ Project – Bounce
Jo Kwon – Animal (Radio Edit)
Jo Kwon – Just a Kiss
Lee Hyori – U-Go-Girl (ft. Nassun)
Lee So Ra – The Wind is Blowing
Lee So Ra – Lonely
M.I.B – So It’s Only Hard For Me
Soul Connection – Hey Ma (ft. Csp, Still PM, Maslo, Jepp Blackman/Bang Yong Guk & Kuan)
UKISS – Believe
UKISS – Te Amo
VIXX – Super Hero
Wonder Girls – Like This

Artist Pages
Cross Gene
JJ Project
Jo Kwon
Lee Hyori
Lee So Ra
Park Ji Yoon

Members & Profiles
A Pink
Block B
Cross Gene
Girl’s Day

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Funny of the Week : Check out this aff(x)tion..or plus…damn SM release their fan club name!

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Boom, Boom, BOOM! (SNSD-Paparazzi)

The 9 Goddesses of KPOP are back! After taking the world by storm with “The Boys” and trying their hand at a sub-group with TaeTiSeo, the girls are back to conquering JPOP with their new single “Paparazzi”.

“Paparazzi” is definitely one heck of a comeback track.  Not only is the song extremely catchy with a amazing chereography, but the girls looks as beautiful as ever in their feathery and flashy outfits. The official single album will be released on June 27th. So write that down on your calendar Sones!

Color Coded Lyrics for Girls Generation’sPaparazzi“.

If you want a love, prettier than memories (I’ll give it to you) If you want a love, prettier than a movie (I’ll give it to you) If you want a person, stronger than others (I’ll be that person) If you want a person, who won’t make you cry, That’s Me. (Boyfriend-Love Style)

One of the top debuting rookies of 2011 has made their first comeback of the year. Everyone’s favorite flower boys: Boyfriend!

After promoting with singles like “Boyfriend” and “Don’t Touch My Girl”, Boyfriend is back with a downtown hipster look with “Love Style” as they sing about giving a girl a love”prettier than a fairy tale”.

Color Coded Lyrics for Boyfriend’sLove Style