Ah seriously what the hell are you telling me to do?Leave you and be happy how?Saying ‘it’s over’ makes you into a stranger?I can’t do it so don’t ask me for things like that.You were so pretty I was so happy because I met you.But you didn’t feel the same way as me,Huh?If I have to forget you and move on,I’d rather die.(TEEN TOP-To You)

The teen heart stealers are back! This time with their new single “To You” that tells about a boy dealing with the loss of his girlfriend who heartlessly left him.

The song immediately perked interest when it was announced it was written by Brave Sound.  Fans have also been talking about the similarities between TEEN TOP’s To You” and SISTAR’s “Alone”. But in fact, Brave Sound revealed that “To You” was written BEFORE “Alone”.

Color Coded LYrics for TEEN TOP’sTo You“.


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