Yes today you go to sleep first.After you sleep, I will sleep too.I hang up the phone and put on some flashy clothes.And I get ready to go out.Without anyone knowing who.(B1A4-Sleep Well, Goodnight)

After subjecting BANA’s to an overload of sexy and romantic teasers, B1A4 is once again back with their repackaged version of the first full length album “IGNITION”. Turns out the teasers weren’t only for show, but to hint at their upcoming single “Sleep Well, Goodnight”.

The song talks about a guy who talks to his girlfriend on the phone and wishes her to “Sleep Well, and Goodnight. But as soon as he hangs up, he gets ready to go out in the night and dance (which is probably why at the end of GongChan’s video he turned on the light was showed fully dressed instead of in his PJ’s sleeping…he was going out to “party in the moonlight”.).

Color Coded Lyrics for B1A4’sSleep Well, Goodnight“.


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