Now we are gathered here in front of my microphone.Let down all your worries.Our song will let you forget everything.Now don’t hesitate in your seats.Look at me and keep up with my music,let’s get crazy.Now if you are ready,I am going to run,follow me

Missing Jaebum and JinYoung of Dream High 2? Well cry no further! The JYP boys have collaborated and have just released their very first single album “Bounce”.

In the MV, Jaebum (JB) and JinYoung (Jr.) “bounce” around in the school as they sing about casting all your worries away and enjoy the music.  The MV is very light hearted and the choreography is both impressive and creative. Especially around the chorus during the “Let it bounce” part. It’s sure to be the talk of the KPOP scene.

And if the information I have read is right, the JJ project is just a sub group for JYP’s yet to be announced boy group that will be debuting either this year or next year.  So it looks like this is just the start for these two growing stars!

Color Coded Lyrics for JJ Project’sBounce


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