I’ll be waiting,I’ll be there.At that place,I’ll be there.This pain,these stinging tears,I can hold it all back.As I dance,I’ll be there.As I smile,I’ll be there.I’ll be waiting for you at that street where you smiled for the last time.I’ll be waiting for you.

If this isn’t the transformatian of the century I don’t know what is. After being away for 15 months and undergoing member change, Dalmatian is back once again with a jaw dropping transformation for their new single “E.R”.

They changed not only in their image, but in their music style as well.  “E.R” is a more mature piece than their previous single “That Man Opposed” and “Round 1”.  The song is about a one sides relationship where the girl no longer holds the same feelings as he does. “They will wait even if it takes forever to be together with their love again. The tattoos are the scars and sufferings they’ve faced. All they’ve gone through in the relationship isn’t for nothing which is why they’ll wait even after death(credit aeonwings).”

And for you non-Dalmates…I would like to point out one thing…

Mr blue haired cutie (aka Youngwon) in “That Man Opposed”…

Who couldn’t even do a chin up…


What the heck kind of training program were they on for 15 months?!

Color Coded Lyrics forE.R