Don’t be so sorry.You can abandon me and leave.If that’s what you want, alright good bye.However I’m not putting my feelings away.My love wins. (INFINITE-The Chaser)

The wait is finally over INSPIRITS! After climbing they’re way up the KPOP totem poll in 2011 with their single “Be Mine” and taking the hearts of fans in Japan, INFINITE is finally making their Korean comeback with their third mini-album “INFINITIZE”. This time around the boys are promoting their new song “The Chaser”.

“The Chaser” takes on an emotional approach as it talks about a boy letting his lover go, but not before vowing he’ll “chase” her and win her heart back.

Though the album is a mini-album, it’s the longest mini-album INFINITE has ever released. It’s got 7 tracks, including “The Chaser”, “Only Tears”, and “In The Summer” which is the full version of the Hidden Track found on the “Over The Top” and “Paradise” albums.

So what do you guys think? You INFINITIZED yet? 

Color Coded Lyrics for INFINITE’sThe Chaser“.