You always say sorry, you always say you love me.But I don’t believe you anymore, no no.You always say you’ll try, you always say you’ll be good.But you can’t even figure out my heart.(Girl’s Day-Oh! My God)

Girl’s Day is back with yet another fun and quirky comeback! This time the girls are promoting their new single “Oh! My God.”

Taking off right from where “Twinkle Twinkle” ended, MinAh is back to her shananagings.  After her dad drops her off at the library, she sneaks away to the club “Girl’s Day Moon Night”.  There, she does what anyone would expect Girl’s Day’s MinAh to do: Reap havoc on the entire building while dancing and fighting with the other members…again.

The song is about how a girl deals with her less than faithful boyfriend, all the while maintain the crazy and fun concept that Girl’s Day is known for. It’s definitely going to give hot shots like 4minute and SISTAR a run for their money!

Color Coded Lyrics for Girl’s Day’sOh! My God


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