There’s no more, there’s no justice. It’s a world where you submit to money. In the shadow of the powerful, the weak dies.(B.A.P-Power)

WARNING! Are all you BABIES ready? Cause B.A.P has made their first comeback with their explosive new track “Power”.

Showing as much of their WARRIOR side as they did with their previous single, B.A.P is once again showing the world their amazing singing and dancing talents.  One of the highlights of the video is when they use a spray can in their dance break. A very creative and unique element. I personally cant wait to see them do this live!

Color Coded Lyrics for B.A.P’sPower


Don’t quibble over looks,don’t ask about education,don’t eyeball bodies come on.Whether it’s the type of car you own, or where you live,Or what your dad does for a living come on.(Sunny Hill-Is The White Horse Coming?)

The departure of their leader isn’t slowing these girls down! The four members of Sunny Hill are back with their brand new sing “Is The White Horse Coming?”

Holding onto their unique and creepy concept, Sunny Hill’s new track is a more modern and fast pace song which choreography is both eye catching and trendy. Though their male member and leader, JangHyun, is no longer composing their songs since he left to serve his military duty, the girls of Sunny Hill are determined to keep the band strong and attain more popularity until his return.

Color Coded Lyrics for Sunny Hill’sIs The White Horse Coming?

You always say sorry, you always say you love me.But I don’t believe you anymore, no no.You always say you’ll try, you always say you’ll be good.But you can’t even figure out my heart.(Girl’s Day-Oh! My God)

Girl’s Day is back with yet another fun and quirky comeback! This time the girls are promoting their new single “Oh! My God.”

Taking off right from where “Twinkle Twinkle” ended, MinAh is back to her shananagings.  After her dad drops her off at the library, she sneaks away to the club “Girl’s Day Moon Night”.  There, she does what anyone would expect Girl’s Day’s MinAh to do: Reap havoc on the entire building while dancing and fighting with the other members…again.

The song is about how a girl deals with her less than faithful boyfriend, all the while maintain the crazy and fun concept that Girl’s Day is known for. It’s definitely going to give hot shots like 4minute and SISTAR a run for their money!

Color Coded Lyrics for Girl’s Day’sOh! My God

So many memories, I wonder what you do.I’m still like this, thinking you might come back.I’m never like this.I’ve never been like this.Love is so potent, I must have not sobered up yet.(SISTAR-Alone)

SISTARs back ! After gaining many awards for their first full length albumSo Coolthe girls from StarShip Entertainment have released their first minialbumAlone“.  Unlike their previous singles, “Alonetakes on a much more sexier concept and tells about a girl dealing with the memories and break up of a past lover.

Here are the Color Coded Lyrics for SISTARs Alone

Take it all away pump up the Volume Up! I don’t want to hear it pump up the Volume Up! I’m going to keep changing-ah. Stronger-eh-eh-eh. Oh more~(4Minute-Volume Up)

After shaking the KPOP charts in 2011 with their “4minutes Left” album, 4minute is finally back with a brand new mini album titled after their new single “Volume Up”.

The song will immediately grab your attention with the eerie saxophone that shortly changes to a foot tapping dance melody.  And when it comes to sex appeal, this is probably one of the most minor MV’s 4minute has released in awhile.  I’m impressed Cube!

Here are the Color Coded Lyrics for 4minute’sVolume Up

MAMA now let me see why the answers of the people changes.Maybe they haven’t noticed the existence of such beautiful thing as time.I have forgotten how to just hear, love and care, no longer but lost.Turning their backs while working while living.(EXO’s “MAMA)

After three months of teasers, prologue songs, and a showcase, EXO is FINALLY debuting! This time with a mini-album titled after their debuting single, “MAMA”.

As usual, the single has two versions. One Chinese and one Korean.  Unlike their previous prologue song, “History”, “MAMA” has a more  mysterious feel to it.  The MV tells about the ancient “legend” of EXO and has each of the members wielding a special power (Fire, Water, Ice, etc).  The MV definitely is one of the most impressive MV’s of the year, and certainly make even non-EXO fans anticipate whats is to come.

Here are the Color Coded Lyrics for…