It felt like a dream (Dreamer, Dreamer).Your silky light dress (Angel, Angel).I feel your breath (Closer,Closer).I am calling out to you. You’re my love Venus (Shinhwa-Venus)

After many years of being on hiatus, serving their military duties, and what seemed to be the end of their career of the group, the legends of KPOP are back! After 4 years Shinhwa has released their 10th studio album “The Return” and are taking the KPOP scene by storm with their title track “Venus” .

Though the men are in their 30s and haven’t been promoting songs together for 4 years, their new album shows that they are ready and able to compete with the biggest names in KPOP such as the returning BIGBANG, CN Blue, and miss A.  “The Return” immediately achieved an all-kill within hours of it’s release and will make even the the newest KPOP fan want to listen to Shinhwa.

Here are the Color Coded Lyrics for Shinhwa’s “Venus“.


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