I just want to be alone.Should I erase all our memories baby?I just want to be alone.I’ll be only looking for you like a fool(B1A4-Baby I’m Sorry)

After scoring many “Best Rookie Group of 2011” awards, the shining rookie group B1A4 is back with their first full length album “IGNITION”.  Unlike their previous title tracks “O.K” and “Beautiful Target”, their new single “Baby I’m Sorry” takes on a more darker tone with boys singing about the pain of breaking up and getting over their ex-lover (It was also written and composed by leader JinYoung).

“IGNITION” is definitely an album for everyone to check out. The album itself is chalk full of fun tracks and also has two solo singles. One with Baro titled “We’re Alone” featuring Min of miss A, and Sandeul who sings a ballad titled “One-Sided Love”.  The boys went under huge transformations in appearance and have prepared for the album very diligently.

Not only will the boys be busy with their new album, but they have also been chosen as the stars of the 3rd season of Sesame Player. Be sure to check them out and follow them on Twitter (If they reach to 2 million followers you’ll be able to see a shirtless GongChan!).

Color Coded Lyrics for B1A4’s Baby I’m Sorry

Also, if you’re a new BANA and want to find out more about the members of B1A4, I have made a Members & Profiles page for them with info and interesting facts about each member.Enjoy!


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