KARA-Speed Up/BIGBANG-ALIVE Color Coded Lyrics

Even after dominating the Japanese music charts with their “Super Girl” album, KARA’s still not done with their Japanese promotions.  They have recently released two MV’s for their singles “Speed Up” and “Girl’s Power”
First up is “Speed Up” (Girl’s Power” will be up shortly)

Speed Up” takes on a more tough and sexier image compared to some of KARA’s previous singles.  It has already gained attention from several KPOP/JPOP fans everywhere.

Color Coded Lyrics for KARA’s Speed Up

BIGBANG has finally released their long-awaited 5th mini album “Alive”, and is conquering music charts across the globe.  They have recently released their second MV for their single “Bad Boy.”

“Bad Boy” not your favorite song on the new album? Don’t worry! BIGBANG will be promoting ALL of the tracks on “Alive” so get excited to see your favorite single performed LIVE on Korean music shows.

Color Coded Lyrics for BIGBANG’s…

Love Dust
Bad Boy
Ain’t No Fun
Fantastic Baby


Again tonight, underneath that blue moonlight.I will probably fall asleep alone.Even in my dreams, I look for you and wander around while singing this song (BIGBANG-Blue)

After a year of hardship and traumatic events, BIGBANG has returned after their hectic year of 2011 with their new single “Blue”. Unlike their last single “Tonight”, the track takes on a more softer and emotional feel that tells the story of a man dealing with the pain of breaking up with his lover.

They have already taken the number one spot on several music charts and have also received 10,000+  pre-orders for their album “Alive”, breaking TVXQ’s record in 2008.   Though everyone feared that the events of 2011 would break them apart, BIGBANG has proved to V.I.Ps everywhere that they aren’t done yet and are now stronger than ever.

Color Coded Lyrics/English Translation for BIGBANG-Blue

A closed heart cannot love anyone.I believed so,but my heart is opening before I knew it.My hardened heart cannot be thrilled again.I believed so,but my heart pounds everytime I see you.You Touch my heart baby.(miss A-Touch)

After winning many awards for their first debut album “A Class”, miss A has returned to the KPOP scene with their new single “Touch”.  Their new concept, though is still the sexy miss A style, takes on a new twist with a mummy like image that connects with the meaning of the song: that their dead heart is slowly being brought back to life because of a new lover.

miss A Color Coded Lyrics for
Rock N Rule
No Mercy
Over U

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I bet you’re dying,Follow me baby.Because everything about me is perfect.Just look at me lady,don’t you wanna go crazy?(Block B-I Go Crazy/NanrinA)

NOTE: Corrections made!

You ready BBCs? Cause Block B has finally released their 2nd mini albumWelcome to the Blockand along with it, the MV for the title track ,”I Go Crazy/NanrinA

The track was created by Block B members Zico and Kyung and showcases the boys talent when it comes to producing tracks from the intense trainee years they went throughThe song has a very addictive tune that it would be hard for anyone to stop their feet from tapping to the beat.

Color Coded Lyrics forI Go Crazy/NanrinA