I will make you smile often like a child.I will make you feel the most comfortable like a friend.My babe, baby babe, baby baby.Tell me,What Is Love?

After weeks of releasing a ba-gillion teaser of Kai and the other members of EXO, SM Entertainment has done something a bit unexpected. They have relased a FULL song titledWhat Is Love showcasing the two of the main vocalist of EXOK (D.O& Baekhyun), and another song featuring the two main vocalist of EXOM (Chen & LuHan).

To Be honest, I havent been at all excited for EXO, but after seeing this Im actually really looking forward to their debut. Now if they would only STOP with the Kai teasers

Color Coded Lyrics for EXOKsWhat Is Love
Color Coded Lyrics for EXOMsWhat Is Love


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