I brush it off and stand up.They say love will come again.Yes I will leave you and send you off.So I think it’s time To Let This Die (Brian Joo-Let This Die)

Reknowned AmericanKorean singer Brian Joo has recently released his comeback albumReBorn Part 1and has already made headlines with his new singleLet This Die.”

Here are the Color Coded Lyrics forLet This Die
Color Coded forCan’t Stop {English Version}


Sorry,Sorry there’s no such thing as love.Please go far,far,far away.You’re so rediculous,stop being rediculous.I will repay you for everything,I’m going to be bad(Dal★Shabet-Hit U)

DalShabet is back with a new concept they havent shown before. Known for their cutsey and loveydovey image, they are now promoting a more serious concept about a minipulative past lover who left the girl in pieces, but comes back again as if nothing happened.

Here are this Color Coded Lyrics for Dal★Shabet’s Hit U