Cause the DJ is mine and girl you‘re wasting your time He only rocks to my music He loves the way I do it all night. The DJ Is Mine (Wonder Girls-DJ Is Mine)

After being in the US for over a year promoting and performing on small stages, JYP’s bride and joy, the Wonder Girls, work has finally paid off with their very own US movie titled “The Wonder Girls.” And along with it, their first US single titled “The DJ Is Mine” featurning Nick Cannon’s School Gyrls.

NOTE: Okay, I’m gonna be honest here…I’m not 100% if these are the correct color coding. for the one feature School Gyrls The MV was a bit hard to follow and I have never heard of or watched the School Gyrls before, so if there are ANY incorrections please tell me. And be sure to check back once and awhile to see if there has been any corrections.

Anywho, here are the Color Coded Lyrics for Wonder Girl’sDJ Is Mineft the School Gyrls
Color Coded Lyrics for Wonder Girl’sDJ Is Mine


“Hoi Hoi ultra pectorus mus” All wishes come true like magic.”Hoi Hoi ultra pectorus beams”.Confess to me that you only love me (Rainbow Pixie-Hoi Hoi)

After all the hype about Rainbow’s new sub-unit, Rainbow Pixie has finally released their single “Hoi Hoi”.  In the song, the members (JiSook, HyunYoung, SeungAh) are portrayed as elves/pixies casting a spell hoping their lover will return their feelings. To portray the magic concept, the chorus is made up of incantations/magic spells. (“Hoi Hoi ultra pectorus mus“,”Hoi Hoi ultra pectorus beams“.)

Here are the Color Coded Lyrics for Rainbow Pixie’sHoi Hoi