It’s spring again to you but my season don’t change.Even though my heart blossoms,I’ve got no tomorrow~`Weekly Review #28:”

Happy Halloween everyone!

*NEW* Songs
2PM-Give It To Me
2PM-Ultra Lover
BEAST/B2ST-Lights Go On Again
CN Blue-In My Head
F.T Island – Bad Woman
F.T Island – Dream
F.T Island – Itsuka
Secret-AmaZinger (Zinger solo)
Super Junior – Oops!! {ft. f(x)}
Tablo – Tomorow (ft. TaeYang of BIGBANG)
TVXQ-Love in the Ice {Korean Version}

Tablo Artist Page

Kenji Wu – Broken Heart
Leehom Wang – Heartbeat

Kenji Wu Artist Page
Leehom Wang Artist Page

Last Week’s Poll : What is your favorite KPOP subgroup?
Orange Caramel – 41 Vote(s)
SISTAR19 – 25 Vote(s)
5Dolls – 13 Vote(s)
GD&TOP – 42 Vote(s)
F.T Triple – 8 Vote(s)
Super Junior M – 53 Vote(s)
Super Junior T – 8 Vote(s)
Super Junior H – 8 Vote(s)
Super Junior K.R.Y – 24 Vote(s)
(Other) After School Blue – 1 Vote(s)

This Week’s Poll : What Is The Most funnest and enjoyable KPOP dance routine to watch? (Not in terms of the difficulty of the dance)

Last Week’s Mini-Poll : Do you like TVXQ better as 5 or 2?
5 – 147 Vote(s)
2- 32 Vote(s)

This Week’s Mini-Poll : Okay,I am HIGHLY curious to know if there are WAY more KPOP female fans than male fans.So are you a Male or Female?

Well thats it for this WR folks! And for a funny, I leave you with the Adam couple, delievring lunch boxes.

Jo Kwon my life would be empty and depressing without you and your kkapness.

Until next time~

Listening to: BEAST/B2ST-Virus
Mood: Sleepy and VERY lazy. Grrr…


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