I’m So Cool Like Ice Tea **Weekly Review #16[

Earlier this week, a change in the fabric that holds our world together was ripped (Or as I would say, a “Disturbance in the Force”).  Sending huge waves of mixed emotions of shock and excitement through KPOP fans world round.
Everyone knows that G-Dragon has a long rap sheet of hairstyles.  No matter who rediculous the hair style is, GD has always managed to pull it off.  He’s tried everything.  You name it, its been on his head.  Heck he goes through hairstyles like a girl changes her clothes.  I’m no hair dresser, but I’m surprised he still has hair after all the coloring and styling he does to his locks.

G-Dragon’s Wall of Hair

He’s had the typical guy hair
Exhibit A–>

He’s done the side mohawk thing

Exhibit B–>

The perm
Exhibit C–>

And my personal favorite, the blonde hair style he used during the Heartbreaker promotions

Exhibit D–>

The Bowl Style hair cut (That a lot of guys CANNOT pull off)

Exhibit E–>

That poofy hair thing he did during his GD&TOP promotions.

Exhibit F–>

Heck, he’s even died his hair flaming red

Exhibit G–>

But now, G-Dragon is trying a new hair style…

Exhibit T.T –>

He shaved his head!!
Of course he pulled the style of because it G-Dragon.  But there are some hair styles in the world that should never be tried.  Especially this one, and especially HIM!

And doesn’t he looked like Chester Bennington (Leader singer in “Linkin Park”)?

See? I’m not the only one seeing this, right?

So who watched the MV for “Pray” by Sunny Hill?
I have to say that it is probably the most creepiest/scariest/disgusting music video I have ever seen.
In other words: IT’S AWSOME!

With Sunny Hill still going strong with their Creepy Concept, the MV’s storyline surrounds a “monster” searching for freedom.

When the tear rolled down his face at the end, I almost cried.

The song itself is sung by three of the five members of Sunny Hill.  Misung and Janghyun are the main characters of the MV. 

I find Janghyun looks as creepy as the monster does in the MV.  Especially when he was doing all those expierments…

And I was REALLY surprised on the vocals that Kota showed in “Pray.” 

After her performance and rapping in “Midnight Circus”, I didn’t expect her to have such amazing talent for ballad vocals.  She did an amazing job.

There is a lot of symbolism in the MV (The lock, crosses, religious artwork, etc).  If you want to read about the meaning of the MV and of all the symbols, go to Musical Dialect.  I think the blogger, Rachel, said it best;  Ugly has never been that beautiful.

*NEW* Song Lyrics
Brave Girls-Easily
BoA-Hurricane Venus
CN Blue-Sweet Holiday
CN Blue-Love Revolution
CN Blue- Y, Why…
CN Blue-I Will..Forget You…
CN Blue-Tattoo
Code V-I’ll Say It Honestly
Seungri-Strong Baby
Sunny Hill-Pray
Super Junior-Angela
Super Junior-Mr. Simple
Twilight-Without U
Wheesung-Over U
ZE:A-Heart for 2

4MEN Artist Page
Brave Girls Artist Page
GD&TOP Artist Page
SS501 Artist Page
Twilight Artist Page

Last Weeks Poll: Whats your favorite KPOP Idol image/concept for a song?
2NE1 Creepy, Halloweeny concept for “It Hurts” – 25 Vote(s)
T-ARA’s Native American concept for “YaYaYa” – 8 Vote(s)
T-ARA’s disco concept for “Roly Poly” – 16 Vote(s)
SNSD’s Special Agent/Spy concept for “Hoot” – 17 Vote(s)
Secret’s 60’s concept for “Shy Boy” – 9 Vote(s)
After School’s Marching Bang concept for “Bang!” -17  Vote(s)
Super Junior’s…well I’m not sure what you call it but the concept for “Mr.Simple” – 62 Vote(s)
Sunny Hill’s Scary Circus concept for “Midnight Circus” – 16 Vote(s)
Orange Caramel’s Snow White concept for “Aing” – 5 Vote(s)
Orange Caramel’s sexy..poofy hair concept for “Bangkok City” – 6 Vote(s)
2PM’s Army/Leather jacket concept for “I’ll Be Back” – 13 Vote(s)
(Other) Concept for Boyfriend’s “Boyfriend”- 3 Vote(s)
(Other) Concept for UKISS’s “Shut Up”- 1 Vote(s)
(Other) Concept for INFINITE’s “Be Mine”- 1 Vote(s)
(Other) Concept for miss A’s “Goodbye Baby”- 1 Vote(s)
(Other) Concept for 2NE1’s “I Am The Best”- 2 Vote(s)
(Other) Concept for BEAST/B2ST’s “Fiction”- 1 Vote(s)
(Other) Concept for SNSD’s “Gee”- 1 Vote(s)
(Other) Concept for Teen Top’s “Don’t Spray Perfume”- 3 Vote(s)
(Other) Concept for ZE:A’s “Watch Out!!”- 1 Vote(s)

Last Weeks Mini-Poll: Which Super Junior member’s teaser image was your favorite?
Heechul – 11 Vote(s)
Leeteuk – 9 Vote(s)
Donghae – 16 Vote(s)
Kyuhyun – 25 Vote(s)
Siwon – 26 Vote(s)
Ryeowook – 11 Vote(s)
Sungmin – 19 Vote(s)
Shindong – 7 Vote(s)
Yesung – 13 Vote(s)
Eunhyuk – 29 Vote(s)

This Weeks Mini-Poll: G-Dragons New Hair Cut: Love it or Hate it?

I bid you all adeu and I leave you with another pic that I found this week that will keep me laughing for the next month–>


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