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  1. Adrienne says:

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that one of your color coded k-pop lyrics is wrong. In Block B’s Wanna B:
    “Gwangaekdeurui keun hamseong ([Kyung] Eodiro)
    Paendeurui gohamdo ([Kyung] Yeogiro)”

    Yeogiro is actually said by Zico, not Kyung.

    You can tell in this video too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w43Lc_2fRZg&feature=related

    Lol, it’s not a big deal, but since that’s my favourite line in the song I just happened to notice (yeah random part to like, I know XD).

    Other than that, thank you for posting lyrics! Sometimes I find it really difficult to tell Kyung and Zico’s voices apart so your lyrics have been very helpful for my Block B obsession, haha.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Oh sorry, I should’ve left this on the Wanna B page. Feel free to delete the above comment!

    • lightaheadi says:

      Haha no prob!
      Good catch! Silly of me that I didn’t hear that. Thank you very much!
      Really? I’m glad that you enjoy them :) Thank you for saying so!

  3. Kim Jin Yuu says:

    hey it*ze me MARIO! no way :D joke.. still remember me? :D:D can you do me a favor? do you have beast – fiction lyric in japanese?

  4. i love ur blog, i love kpop too ^^
    mind to check mine


  5. JiEun says:

    hey your wordpress is great! and i’m just curious, are you from korean? :D

    • lightaheadi says:

      Haha thank you! And as much as I wish I was Korean, I’m not. I’m American. Gonna live there someday though!

  6. I saw that you needed Red Roc’s romaji lyrics. I tried to find it online too, but I couldn’t. Soo I made one for you :D I romanized it from the Korean lyrics from music.naver. The lyrics are not exactly on par with the original Korean lyrics for pronunciation sakes and stuff. I also did the written color coding. If you still need it, you’re most welcome to use it.

    • lightaheadi says:

      …I honestly am at a loss of words. This is so incredibly nice of you to do that! Thank you SO-SO much!

      • You’re very welcome. It’s absolutely no problem at all, although I did have a problem willing my mind to correspond to the right keyboard. I can type the Korean keyboard too so when romanizing the words…my words keep going to where the korean letter is. Like a ‘s’ in English is a ‘n’ in korean. I can’t multi-task D: It must be hard running this awesome website by yourself. I would have done the other lyrics too but…I suck at recognizing the singers in songs….Even when I think I got the singer’s voice down, another voice seems similar… =_____= Oh Korean people with your similar voices…XD If you need the help, I could help you find [or make] romanization or try to get the right color coding (it might be a disaster xP). I’m more than happy to help so feel free to contact me through twitter~

      • ajara says:

        hello how are you to day

  7. sarangheayo were ever you go.please don’t forget me okey.
    gamsahamidah for send comments.


  9. uyu_363 says:

    I sent you some lyrics on your e-mail and so far you didn’t reply or put them up yet. I mean I don’t really mind, I just want to know if you got them or not.

    • lightaheadi says:

      I have gotten them. College has just be so crazy I have only had time to do new releases. But I’ll try to get on them in the next couple of days.

  10. brownsteps says:

    JUST EMAIL ME AT brownsteps@gmail.com
    thanks..or reply me to this msg…

  11. hebaek says:

    I’m actually not entirely sure how to look at the lyrics you posted. I was looking for Younha’s ‘My Song And…” (Korean Version) and I found it but I wasn’t able to open up the lyrics. Is there a way to access the lyrics or am I just missing something?

  12. panerai 40mm says:

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  13. quinnee ji young says:

    hi thanks !!!!!! lovelots to this now i already know what i want to know :) <3

  14. catherine joy says:

    good afternoon guys :)

  15. Nuam Bawi says:

    love ya

  16. I am very new here and I have sent you a email before just saying “Hi”, lightaheadi! I made a new blog and would like to know how to have my own custom URL and how to make it like this amazing website you have now! Please help me, You are the only one I know with an amazing wordpress blog, lightaheadi!


  18. Gongchan~chan says:

    ….. I wish I can delete all of my comments………….

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