You used to say that looking at me and thinking of me all day wasn’t enough for you (don’t you know?). Now the sides of you that come out without knowing give me such a hard time (I can’t take no more). You change so quickly, the empty feelings get so big. It hurt so much, you hurt my heart that goes toward you (Dal★Shabet-B.B.B)

Color Coded Lyrics for DalShabetsB.B.B. (Big Baby Baby)

WIN: Who is Next? – WINNER

The competition is over, and the viewers have voted: Team A has won and will be YGs newest boy group since 2006 with BIGBANG! 

But though the show is over, that doesnt mean we fans cant enjoy what both teams have to offer! YG released an album of the recorded tracks the teams performed live on the show.

Team A
Go Up
Just Another Boy

Team B
Just Another Boy

FUN FACT: The “Just Another Boy” song appeared 3 years ago on 2NE1 TV Season 2 when BIGBANG was on.  It sounds like it was originally going to be apart of their “Tonight” mini album, but it must not have made the cut.

Starts at 20:56 (You can even hear T.O.P rap “You say I’m Just Another Boy”)